Alfred Publishing Co., Inc. can issue print related licenses on the imprints listed below. For Mechanical, Synchronization, and Performance requests, we can only issue licenses on those imprints with an asterisk (*). Please note most all other imprints must go through Warner Chappell for Warner Brothers Publications, for which we control print rights only. Requests for mechanical and synchronization licenses for these imprints should be sent to Warner-Chappell. (Please check out their website for more information.)

ABKCO Music, Inc.
Ada Richter Series
Advanced Music Corp.
Al Gallico Music
Alfred Publishing Company
Algee Music
American Academy of Music
Amy Dee Music
Anthony Cirone Publications
Ankerford Music
Artemis Muziekuitgeverij
Arthur P. Schmidt Company
Avon Gate Music
Bantam Music Publishing
Bantha Music
Barbera-Hanna Music
Barham Boulevard Music
Basically Zappo Music
Beam Me Up Music
Belfast Music
Belwin-Mills Publishing Corp.
Belwin-Mills Music, Ltd./International Music, Ltd. (England)
Big 3 Publications
Bowmar Records and Music
Brickman Arrangement
Brillig Music
Bronx Flash Music
Bruce Springsteen Music
Buckhorn Music Publishing
Burbank Plaza Music
Byron Douglas Publications
CC Birchard & Company
Capri Music
Callicoon Music
Carmine Appice Enterprises
Carrie-Okie Music
Cass County Music
Champion Music Corporation
Chappell & Co., Inc.
Charles Foley, Inc.
Chart Music Publishing House
Chi-Boy Music
Clayton F. Summy Company
CPP/Belwin Music
Clyde Otis Music Group
Columbia Lady Music, Inc.
Columbia Pictures Music Group
Coral Reefer Music
Core Music Publishing
Cotillion Music
Country Road Music, Inc.
Crazy Crow Music
Curb Records
Curb Songs
D C I Music Video
Dan Coates
Delemmava Music
Delightful Music Ltd.
Derry Music
Deshon Music
Easy Listening Music
Early Morning Music
EMI Catalogue Partnership Ltd
. EMI Carwin Music, Inc.
EMI Feist Catalog, Inc.
EMI Hastings Catalog, Inc.
EMI Miller Catalog, Inc.
EMI Robbins Catalog, Inc.
EMI U Catalog, Inc.
EMI UNART Catalog, Inc.
EMI United Partnership Ltd.
EMI Variety Catalog, Inc.
EMI Waterford Catalog, Inc.
Emily Music, Inc.
Fame Publishing Co., Inc.
Fiddleback Music Publishing Co., Inc.v Filmtrax Music Group
First Division Publishing Corp.
First State Music Group, Inc.
Flames of Albion Music, Inc.
Foreign Imported Productions and Publishing
Franco Columbo Publications
George Gershwin Music
Gilbert Keyes Music
Gnossos Music
Gold Horizon Music Corporation
Golden Torch Music Corp.
Good Life Publications, Inc.
Gordon V. Thompson Music, Ltd. (Canada)
Grove Park Music
The H.W. Gray Company
Hagood Hardy Music
Hargail Music Press
Harms, Inc
Hayes Street Music
Henry Adler Music
Highland/Etling Publishing
Hill & Range Music
Hill & Range Songs
House Of Fame Music, inc.
Ice Nine Publishing Co., Inc.
Intertrax Music Inc.
Ipsy Pipsy Music
Ira Gershwin Music
Ivan Mogull Music Corp.
J. Fischer & Bros.
J & J Ross Music
John Bettis Music
John Brimhall Publications
Joni Mitchell Music
Kalmus Editions
Kitty Anne Music
Kortchmar Music
Lakshmi Puja Music Ltd.
Lawson-Gould Music Publishing, Inc.
Leo Feist, Inc.
Lettuce Flavored Music
Lido Music
Lindabet Music Corp.
Rolf Lovland
Mainstay Music
Major Bob Music
Manhattan Music Books
Marissa Music
Marjer Publishing
McAfee Music Publishing
McLaughlin & Reilly Company
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.
Mighty Three Music
Mijac Music
Mike Curb Music
Milk Money Music
Miller Music Corporation
Mills Music, Inc. (EMI)
Miraleste Music
Moose Music Ltd.
Morgan Music Group
Muscle Shoals Sound Publishing/Northside Partners
Music 19
Music In Action
Music of the West
Musicord Publications
New Coconuts Music
New Line Tunes
New Line Music
New World Music Company, Ltd.
Norbud Music
Northridge Music
Now Sounds Music
Orion Music
Patti Washington Music
Paul A. Schmitt Music Company
Pepamar Music Corp.
Pomus Songs, Inc.
Privet Songs
Pro Art Publications
Randy Newman Music
Razaf Music Co.
Red Cloud Music
Refuge Music, Inc.
Release/Relapse Records and Entertainment
Remick Music Corp.
Revelation Music Publishing Corp.
Richard Bradley Publications
Rio Bravo Music
Robbins Music Corporation
Robin Hood Music
Rude Girl Music
Sam Fox Publishing Co.
Sammy Gallop Music
Schmitt, Hall & McCreary
Sergeant Music
Sergeant Music
Six Pictures Music
Scrapin’ Toast Music
Snow Music
South Fifth Avenue Publishing
St. Francis Music
State One Music Group
Stephen Cannell Music
Steve Wariner Productions
Studio P/R, Inc.
Studio 224
Stylesonic Music
Summy Publishing Company
Summy-Birchard Music, a Division of Summy-Birchard, Inc.
Superhype Publishing
Suzuki Method International
Swallow Turn Music
T S P Music, Inc.
Threesome Music
Torch Lady Music, Inc.
Tri-Star Pictures
Triad Music, A Division of Good Life Publications, Inc.
Triple Star Music, Inc.
Trunksong Music Ltd.
Twice as Nice Music
Unart Music Corp.
Unichappell Music, Inc.
United Artists Music Company
United Lion Music
Vampire Weekend Music
Van Halen Music
Vine Music
Vinny Mae Music
Volkwein Publications
Warner Bros., Inc.
WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)
Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI)
W.B.M Music Corp (SESAC)
Warner House of Music
Warner/Chappell Music Publishing, Inc.
Warner/Chappell Music Ltd.
Warner/Elektra/Asylum Music
Warner/Noreale Music, Inc.
Warner/Refuge Music, Inc.
Warneractive Songs, Inc.
Warnerbuilt Songs, Inc.
Warnersource Songs, Inc.
Webo Girl Publishing, Inc.
Weems Music
Weedhigh-Nightmare Music
Woodbury Music Co.
Woody Creek Music
Wooly Puddin Music
Worldtrax Music Inc.
Zachary Creek Music
Zevon Music